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Got a question about Huwa-san?

What is Huwa-San exactly?

How does Huwa-San work?

How stable is the product?

What proof is there that Huwa-San is good at eradicating legionella from domestic water systems?

Why do we need to disinfect?

There are a lot of hydrogen peroxide products in the market, why Huwa-San?

Does Huwa-San clean?

Is Huwa-San safe for food?

Are there any storage temperature constraints for Huwa-San? Can it be stored outdoors?

Method of checking the quality of Hwua-San

Is Huwa-San corrosive?

Does Huwa-San bleach?

Does Huwa-San damage skin tissue?

What about the silver residue?

What method of analysis is used to check the residual level of Huwa-San in drinking water?

Can Huwa-San be mixed with other disinfection products?

Does Huwa-San needs rinsing after application?

What is Huwa-San's shelf life?

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